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Are you unhappy with your relationship with yourself, friends, or partner?

Try as you may, depression keeps you from taking action?

No matter what you do, it just doesn’t seem like enough?

Past traumas interfering with present life?

You’d just like a witness for your personal growth?


You hold within you the power to heal yourself and your relationships. I create a mindful, unconditionally loving, yet challenging, environment where it is safe for every part of you to grow. Therapy becomes a vessel, holding and healing your pain while honoring the specific needs of your body, mind and spirit.

It is so important to actually be seen and heard. As your therapist I commit myself to be present for you. I am a witness as you present your challenges and talk about your life and longings.

Most of us walk through life ignoring what we're thinking/feeling and not realizing how this has impacted our lives. As you uncover patterns that you have repeated, you can begin to see whether or not they have worked for you.

Danahy Sharonrose, LPC, MFT

In a state of mindfulness, you can start to focus on what is happening for you  right now. As you become aware of your thoughts/feelings/body sensations, you notice what you are experiencing. When you begin to understand these patterns you can make changes. The old patterns no longer control you and you reinforce newer and healthier ways of being in the world.

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